Training strategies and preparation for CA examination

Training preparation for CA examination:

“Training preparation for Charted Accountancy is the crucial task. To become a charted Accountant the individual need to cross all the tasks and examinations. These are not easy things”.

Training preparation for Charted Accountancy is the crucial task. To become a charted Accountant the individual need to cross all the tasks and examinations. These are not easy things. The proper schedule on training our self is the important one. More than that choosing the best CA coaching institute is another pressurized thing. Efficient way of training makes the examination would be a simple one. Before appearing to the exam, the students need to register with ICAI. This is the central board decides the pattern of the CA examination.

Training strategies and preparation for CA examination


As per the following the syllabus of ICAI will be good one to get ready to the training session. There is lot of people preparing themselves to gain success in the CA examination. They surely need the support and advice of the experience people who all are well verse in this field. The coaching of CA  class and their preparation all are keenly explain only through the CA professionals.

Training for CA entrance examination: 

Training and coaching of CA class initially meets the entrance exam for the profession of Charted Accountancy. Few years back the entrance examination generally knows as CPT examination. What is CPT? CPT is stands for Common proficiency Test. It comes in the form of objective type of form. Students who are waiting to register for entrance examination must register before 60 days of exam commencement.

Eligibility for attending entrance exam:

The students who are completing 10th grade are eligible to attend the entry level test. Student who get the proper CA training class or in the idea of just attend test are allowing in this test. After getting the knowledge they will understand and the importance of CA and it attending proper CA classes. Additionally, the 10th passing students limited until the entry level test. Further moving forward for next level, they need completion of their senior secondary in school level.

Syllabus for Entrance exam/CPT training:

Entry level test of CA examination containing the portions of subjects Fundamentals of Accounting, Mercantile Laws, General Economics and quantitative Aptitude. This test held in two sessions. Session one contains 100 marks on the topics of Fundamentals of Accounting and Mercantile law. Both these questions are asking in the form 60 and 40 mark separation. The second level session framing with the subjects of General Economics and Quantitative Aptitude.

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Both are comes as 50 mark acquiring. Aspiring students need to prepare themselves with the proper portions allotting from ICAI. If they need help they would approach the Best teaching institutes nearby for them.

Training strategy for CA foundation examination:

Every level of CA test is getting tough and tough in each level. Real training of CA begins with the CA foundation course. This section of foundation examination comes with the total marks of 400. CA coaching class for the foundation examination is demand least period of four months as the training period. It is the combination of both theory and practical paper. However, the commerce students who attending with full knowledge of CA coaching they will attain the success in the easy way.

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Giving priority to each topic in the foundation subjects are important strategy in the well coaching of CA class. Try to complete the hard and tough topics which seem to be hard for you. And also frequent practice of taking coaching and solve the problems are the first step to gain the success.

Training with previous question paper:

Solving the previous year questions and answers are the important one in the training session of CA. Commonly, the students are advice to complete the portions then only approach the old question papers. Initially, the training period can show which topics are little bit tough to the students. Don’t ignore the topic and move forward until the completion. Definitely, the syllabus of ICAI is an easy to understand and pave the way for further preparation on the foundation examination.

Practicing through writing:

Writing and frequent wok out on sums and finding solutions are make familiarity with the topics. Early morning reading is the main thing in the CA training session. Above all, the proper time of taking rest and relaxing space is essential one after completion of CA coaching. How much you write and solve the sums will easily rank your fastness. Timing schedule is another good one to know your own progress. The fast completion of easy topic can offer little bit extra time for preparing a hard topic.

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Revision on topics:

After all completing all the topics and portions, never ignore the revision section. After completing such huge subject many older topics or familiar topics may forget. To resolve the issue prepare the revision time table before you enter into the CA examination. Make a free space more than your CA coaching class. It is the last pace for your preparation. Never try to start any new topic. Try to revise the things what you already know. Revision period require just remembering.

Students need not any special thing or another level of training on revision. It requiring more calm time than only the hassle-free attempt is endurable. Following the above mentioning tips in the training period CA coaching is surely helpful one. Practice is the only way for perfect attempt. Consult the seniors and other CA professionals in the time of exam preparation. Time to time relaxation is also good one for the liberating way for mind.

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Hope this way of training preparation will be useful for the students who ready to face the examination. Many CA coaching institutes are ready offer the training session. Choose the best CA coaching institute with the professional faculty. Other than frequent practice of tough topics will be the easy one. CA is one of the higher end professions in India. More than lakhs people are register to achieve success in this period.

Other than that not only in CA coaching class, make your frequent practice in your home session also.  Non-stop hard work will surely offer the fruitful result. PR Academy is one of the top CA teaching institutes functioning in Coimbatore with more expertise faculty. Thanks for sharing their teaching formula for students.



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