Duty and responsibilities of company secretary

 Duty and responsibilities of company secretary:

“Duty of the Company Secretary binds with all parts of the business organisation. His duty starts from pay their attention on the organisation function to collect and safeguard all the documentation of the current running company”.

Duty of the Company Secretary binds with all parts of the business organisation. His duty starts from pay their attention on the organisation function to collect and safeguard all the documentation of the current running company. Duty of maintain the document comes in all form it can be a manual or electronic document. Apart from the document crucial contract papers and agreements all department oriented approval papers all are the main duty and responsibility taken by the company secretary official. It is always a cautious responsibility oriented duty never lacks its importance.

 Duty and responsibilities of company secretary


The initiation of new agreements to all other administrative formalities is managed by the Company secretary. The secretarial work required in all fields. Education, Cultural, health care and legality works all are need this profession. Simply it is a front end duty to manage a company. Company secretary is one the important person must present on the board meetings and company principle formation. He is acting as a bridge between the board of the company and the investors. All the responsibilities of Company secretary comes with the basic qualification of degree.

Major responsibilities of Company secretary:

  • Arrange the periodical board meetings
  • Formulate and plan the company’s agenda
  • Preparing business notice for the board members
  • Manage the Economic crisis and crucial situations
  • Dealing the current financial reports
  • Making corporate strategies
  • Offering valuable suggestion on business progress
  • Governing legalities of the business running
  • Assist the business plan

Advantages of Company Secretary Job:

It is a vital job for the business industries and multi-national companies. All the responsibilities should maintain on time all the required work must complete on time. The planning responsibility is one of the interesting job manners. The perfect planning never drags you in the last minute arrangements. Allow equal time consumption for all the categories or works which comes under your responsibility.

To become a versatile company secretary he must has a deep knowledge in the disciplines of Case studies, Analytical mind, accurate judgement, Flawless handling of accounts and should be an excellent team player skillfully manage the critical situations. He must know the everyday activities of business running. It can make easy managing of the company secretary responsibility with stress free manner. Flexible time is a desired quality of company secretary post. This responsibility never requires any over timing or consumption.

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It is a highly responsible job earns a good reputation in the working area. It is a secretary job take care all the functionality of the working environment. It is the good opportunity to perform various tasks and implement numerous experiments for the wellness of the business concerns. The company secretary position decide the working schedule of the industry if they want to implement a new business branch in their company or industry all the documentation, new agreements, or any other contract procedures solely handle by the company secretary position.

It is a common assumption that the responsibility of secretary job comes with only paper handling and documentation arrangement. It an outdated method due to the huge technical development makes it is an easy one. The huge maintenance of the paper and documentation responsibility comes in to the form of electronic documents all keenly stored without any error if they found any clarifications or doubt they may recheck through their personal access.

While having all these qualities certainly the company secretary job then it gives a complete satisfaction. It is an authoritative job comes with lot of decision making skill while core work on the field may train and offer lot of experience and the versatile work assure the responsibility to attain great job.

The Career growth oriented responsibility:

It is one of the higher responsibility positions comes with the direct meetings with the higher officials which facing such higher personalities you automatically gain your knowledge in the industrial world and you can allowed to dare expression and decision which may improve the business growth it’s a valuable thing to grow as a professional company secretary position with well know principles maker as per the convenience of the management. In the role of executive secretaries they are the operative personnel they often engaged the work between higher officials to complete their work oriented responsibility.

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It is one of the positions fit for all the categories. Age limit is not taken into the account of professional secretary. If you crossed more than fifty years, and wide knowledge in the profession of Company secretary then any company does not ready miss such qualifies responsible professional recently equal to CA training professional Company secretary also getting ready to achieve in the business world.

The Common responsible difficulties in the Company secretary position:

Every profession comes with both merits and demerits. The major defect of the Company Secretary Position is earning. Compare with the other combined positions like ACCA and CA it may come as a little income but have burden of responsibilities. To attain high level of pay they required much experience until you may experiment various things on the field. Other thing it is a major work only suits to the women with its routine schedule. The travelling with senior officials, 24×7 on the work concentration in the initial levels are inevitable things. Initial space may seem to be boredom without the career growth. It may cover only the documentation process without any further improvisation. The major concern of the work is the advancement of the technology will manage the work more than the manual works. It is just as the work of a stenographer in a company.

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The Emergence of responsibility for a Company Secretary:

The company secretary will normally maintain the crucial details of the statutory records and registered members of the company. The poorly maintained companies may face many legal issues in intra-level of the company itself. At the same time it is the primary responsibility of the company secretary to explain the company’s laws and the share percentage to the other members in the board. Without the knowledge of the company secretary and the direct decisions of the board members considered as the invalid one. In extends it comes under the criminal offense. It is applicable to the small company to well-known business corporates. So, it is not an easy duty don’t consider it as too inferior.

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The governing of all company records in the custody of the Company secretary. The role and responsibility may vary from company to company based on its size. It is one of the key role comes with lot of responsibility. This role must be updated with the latest details and modifications occurred in the company. All the company records never move without the knowledge of a company secretary. It also equal one to the CMA training. The individual who wants to gain the step by step growth and stable position by his experience then Company secretary is one of the efficient jobs with lot of responsibilities.

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