Common difference between CA, CMA and CS:

Common difference between CA, CMA and CS:

Common difference and responsibility of CA, CMA and CS all are important. Why it is important to know the basic difference? To attain the professional career checking the mode of professional duty is the common idea. Now days it is cross checking among the youngsters. All are categorise under accounting profession. But the coaching of cma is surely different one form the training of cs. All these CA, CMA and CS coaching are commonly helpful one to play advisory roles. From the small companies to huge industries all these duties are inevitable.

Common difference between CA, CMA and CS

By having CMA training vibrant decision making skills are common in the professional career. At the same time, having enough coaching of CS is common one for an industry. Importantly, legal document compliance starts from the profession of CS.

Common difference in training session of Company secretary:

Obviously, Comparing with Cost management Company secretary job is totally different one. CS coaching comes with the commonness of management accountancy. At the same time, corporate law is the crucial element for the practice of Cost management accountant. To attain the CS profession, theory concepts are essential one. Common thing is all the theories are relating to the management accounting rules and norms. Thorough knowledge is the management account is a good one. On the other hand, CMA comes with complete analytical skill and its usage in the cost management.

Legal aspect is a common one for all the careers relating profession. In the financial relating decisions are coming in the hand of CMA. Both these professions are link in the point at board meetings. For the development of company all these things are not neglect. So, it need deep professional knowledge for all this maintenance

Common difference and ideas in company functionality:

Common thing of these both courses it can be complete simultaneously. An individual who occupy both training of CMA and Cs. CMA training and Cs coaching are slightly different one. Concentrating on both courses is certainly a tough task. But both these combination is a valuable one in the business world. As per the common condition of reciprocal exemption scheme certain conditions are following. ICSI and ICMAI are the courses bound with certain memorandum of understanding. Executive roles are come in the hand of prolific cost management accountant.

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The choice of CMA is a good one for business people. Their own point of view, they will build their business corporate with convenient financial level. To accomplish the high profession with perfect standard all are important one.

Common functionality of Company secretary:

Company secretary is acting as the common bridge between the shareholders and other professionals. Every meeting and company is proceeding not approval one without CS. Documents filing all are govern and take care only through Company secretary. While getting the CS training, Important regulation and amendments all done before the company secretary. In the coaching session all students need to know the complexity and professional ethics. However, if something happen wrong, such lead to the legal punishment. Company secretary profession need to face such extend complexities.

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While attending the career coaching every corporate law and their pulses are important one. So, getting knowledge and ethics are not only for the student but also common can also get awareness through this. Lack of professional idea is leads to many business inconveniences.

Power and role playing skills:

Common to the fact, Company secretary comes with the associative works in the company. Employing a company secretary is the mandatory one. They can attain specific scopes and responsibilities. For the legal roles and guide the directors in a lawful way, company secretary position is the right one. To test the analytical skill of a company secretary ICSI is functioning in India. It is abbreviating as Institute of Company Secretaries of India. CMA training is totally different one from the Company secretary but it never means one have the upper hand. All the professional courses come with common uniqueness.

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Many students in the decade has the dilemma on acquire MBA or CMA. Common thing MBA is the academic degree. For instance, CMA is a professional career. If the individual ready to face the tough exams, he would easily attain the profession. But mere MBA not lead such expert professional path.

Common difference and barrier is deep knowledge:

The more attempts and tough way of question preparation is the basic fear on taking such professional course. Simple line is the clear cut knowledge will resolve all the issues. So making a bright future with the professional course is always advising one for the young students. Commonly three levels of tests never make any issue on this professional examination. Many students are lacking their professional opportunities via failing to know the correct syllabus. Please kindly follow the ICSI syllabus for the right way of training.

All the profession has its complexities in its own way. So, make the bright future with right choice of profession. Commonly CA is the higher grade job considering under white collar profession. But equally CMA, CS and ACCA have their own prospective.


Consequently, Globally acceptable professions are always comes with complexities and common competition is the factual one. If the individual decide to attain the career in the root of CS and CMA training are the base. Choose the perfect faculty of professionals.They will preach you as the style of industry practice Then only the CS training will be an effective one. Professional degree gaining is not an easy work. All are come with multiple attempts. Never give up the professional dream then the success is yours.

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